Skopelos Village Hotel Hiking


Being the greenest island in Greece, Skopelos is considered one of the best places to hike. Enjoy its amazing countryside, forests and build fabric. Skopelos island’s extreme biodiversity and views will take your breath away.


  • The routes to the mountain Palouki and the Holy Archangel & St. Anna, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views and visit several of the historic monasteries.

    • The path Keramoto in Glossa, a really beautiful trail, especially at spring
    • Path Keramoto Keramoto Path
    • Old Klima to Loutraki port of Glossa
    • T1 Skopelos Chora
    • Top Mountain Palouki and Monasteries
    • T1 Skopelos Chora
    • Top Mountain Palouki and Monasteries
    • T2 Vatos ( from mountain Palouki ) to Holy Archangels Monastery and Agia Anna
    • T3 Skopelos Chora
    • Agios Konstantinos
    • Source Tzalalis
    • T4 Old Klima
    • Loutraki
    • T5 Loutraki
    • Glossa

You can also choose to follow the dirt roads such as the Old Klima to Agios Ioannis church which are great walks.

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