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History of more than two centuries has been written by the Bountala family.Triantaphyllos Bountalas was a shipbuilder and worked in the shipyards, the traditional “tarsanades” of the island, he also worked in Athens and Alonissos. His father and his grandparents were also shipbuilders and were working in shipyards in Baila and in Tampa, places located in Florida (USA).Their love for Skopelos led them back to the island. During the 1970’s the shipyards closed because of the tourism development.

That is how Triantaphyllos started making smaller ships (model ship replicas), becoming a pioneer in micro-craft art. He taught this art to his son Yannis and to his daughter Nina. Nowdays Yannis Bountalas and his daughter Regina continue this family tradition in the same workshop their grandparents used to design small ships-replicas of all the big ships we know. Join us for a mini workshop, where you can craft your own small boat, learn the family’s history and see the amazing boats they have made.

Workshop's location: Bountalas Mansion
Duration: 2 hoursPrice: 25 euros

Deposit: 10% of the total amount, which will held as a cancelation fee.

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